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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Health care and body system is perfect

Reasons Why Your Health Can Benefit From A Residential Tanning Bed by Christine O'Kelly

Skin care experts, including dermatologists, agree that the sun's rays will damage skin and speed up the aging process. These experts assert that too much exposure to the sun's UVA rays and UVB rays will have a negative long-term impact. Although there may be some truth in the opinions of these skin care experts as too much of anything is not necessarily good, the problem is that their viewpoints fail to take into consideration the benefits that sunlight provides to the human body.
Just like with most things that affect a person's health, moderation is important. Too much UVA ray and UVB ray exposure can lead to potential health issues, but a lack of exposure to these same rays can also often lead to health problems. This article discusses the advantages of tanning while also looking at the benefits of purchasing a residential tanning bed and tanning bed lotion.
The Advantages Of Tanning
It is important to realize that so much remains unknown regarding the effects of sunlight's UVA and UVB rays on skin. Years ago, experts believed that exposure to UVB rays presented the greatest risk. Today, experts believe that too much exposure to UVA rays presents a greater risk than exposure to UVB rays.
While experts still believe that over exposure to the sun can lead to problems, experts fail to mention that the human body requires exposure to sunlight to remain healthy. Sunlight produces vitamin D in the human body. Most of the people in Europe and North America primarily get vitamin D from exposure to the sun's UVB rays. Recently, experts have found that vitamin D helps in regulating blood pressure, reducing the occurrence of gum disease, and even preventing a person from developing diabetes.
The secret to providing a body with adequate UVA and UVB sunlight exposure is to carefully monitor the amount of exposure by keeping it to a moderate level. An easy solution to the problem of monitoring the amount sunlight exposure a person receives is to either visit a tanning salon regularly or purchase a residential tanning bed that allows for controlling the level and length of exposure to UVA and UVB rays. By enhancing the tanning experience with a tanning bed lotion, a person will adequately absorb crucial UV rays without the worry of over exposure.
The Disadvantages Of Visiting Tanning Salons
Numerous people tan regularly at a tanning salon each week. Some people visit a tanning salon because they like the look of the attractive chestnut tone tanning beds achieve. Other people visit tanning salons for the health benefits of UVA ray and UVB ray exposure as an alternative to spending time outdoors in the direct sunlight. Tanning salons offer a convenient method for giving a body necessary UV ray exposure, but there are a few disadvantages to consider.
The first disadvantage is the ongoing fees a person must pay for tanning. While each tanning session is inexpensive itself, by the time all of the fees are added up it accumulates to quite a hefty yearly expense. The second disadvantage is the lack of privacy a person has when visiting a tanning salon. The third disadvantage is that people must tan around the schedule of the tanning salon. These three disadvantages are the reason why numerous people have decided to forego the tanning salon by investing in their own residential tanning bed.
The Advantages Of A Residential Tanning Bed
When purchasing a residential tanning bed and
tanning bed lotion for home use, a person is no longer limited to tanning around a tanning salons hours. A person can tan anytime of the day or night in the privacy of home by purchasing a residential tanning bed.
While tanning salons provide a necessary benefit to the health of the human body, many people prefer to tan at home with their own residential tanning bed and tanning bed lotion. An investment in this tanning equipment offers people a way to complement their health while benefiting from the youthful glow provided by tanning.

What I Indemnity Health Insurance - The Benefits of Indemnity Health Insurance by Dana B. Smith
An indemnity insurance plan is quite commonly recognized as a traditional health insurance. Although it is quite expensive to have this kind of health insurance, it does cover many illnesses that are often not included in other insurance plans. But, this kind of plan is not without its drawbacks as it will not cover some aspects that other plans cover like physicals towards preventive health care. Also, these plans will not cover the entire bill that is incurred and will only foot a percentage of it. So, make sure to understand about the advantages and drawbacks to this kind of insurance plan before you opt for it.
But, it is essential to keep an open mind and not just look at the drawbacks as there are several important pluses to this kind of health insurance. Though the premiums you need to pay in this plan might be more along with having to bear some upfront expenses and to put in all the paperwork for claims, the coverage will actually be more and also the deductibles will be better controllable. Also, not all health insurance plans will bear many types of expenses that indemnity plans will cover.
One of the biggest benefits of an indemnity insurance is the patient is allowed to consult the physician of their own choice and not be restricted to visit the physician or the hospital the insurance company will advise to go to as is more common with other types of insurance plans. Although this might not be of great importance to some people, this is a great advantage and convenience to many people. This also ensures that you can opt to consult a specialist without going through a primary care physician.
In total, it can be inferred that an indemnity health insurance will provide the best facilities towards covering emergency medical care. Other insurance plans usually follow a preferred provider organization (PPO) or a point-of-service (POS) format it usually brings down the options one has by having to visit within a restricted group of hospitals or physician. But, indemnity insurance plans do not restrict the patient as he/ she can opt to visit any physician or hospital of their choice. This goes to say that a person in lieu of any emergency can visit any hospital or physician anywhere within the country without having to worry about coverage or expenses.
There have been prior occurrences where patients have sought emergency medical care from hospitals or physicians that are not within the preferred provider organization network and the particular hospital or physician have either refused to provide treatment or has made the patient liable to bear the expenses incurred with only a part of it being supported by the health insurance plan. This kind of a situation is risky for the physician or the hospital as they might have to take the brunt if the patient is unable to bear the expense. But, this does not happen with an indemnity health insurance as the expenses are covered wherever the patient makes a visit. While choosing a health insurance plan, bear all the pros and cons of an indemnity insurance plan and the other options available to you before making a decision.

Using Sunscreens For Proper Skin Care by Ryan J Bell
The sun can have a hypnotic effect. It lures millions of people to the beach to bask in the warm sunlight. It tempts them to slather on a sunscreen and "lay out" in pursuit of that rich, chestnut skin tone. While most people intuitively know that the sun can damage your skin, they often fail to understand how susceptible their skin is to the sun's ravaging UV rays. Because most of the damage from sun exposure happens beneath the dermis, it's easy to neglect the severity. In this article, you'll discover how the sun can damage your skin, a common myth about sunscreens and why broad UV protection is essential to long-term skin care.
How The Sun Damages Your Skin
When your skin changes tone and begins to tan, it's the first sign of sun damage. The change in color is actually your body's first line of defense against the sun's UV radiation. To protect itself from the penetrating UV rays, your skin increases melanin production. With prolonged exposure, UVA rays can actually begin causing cellular damage beneath your dermis.
The Misconception Of The SPF
Most people are unaware of what an SPF actually measures. Often, consumers mistakenly believe that a high SPF sunscreen implies that their skin will be protected from the sun's UV rays. Unfortunately, that's only half true. The SPF is only a barometer of UVB absorption. It's not an indicator of the overall efficacy of the sunscreen. UVA rays are generally considered far more damaging. They can lead to DNA damage and the development of skin cancer. That's why a sunscreen's SPF can be misleading.
The Need For Broad UV Coverage
Effective skin care requires using a sunscreen that offers broad UV protection. It must shield your skin from both UVB and UVA rays. Traditional sunscreens offer adequate protection from UVB rays, but a negligible defense against the damaging UVA rays. In recent years, sunscreens have been using titainium dioxide, avobenzone, zinc oxide and ecamsule as active ingredients to block UVA rays. These newer sunscreens can provide your skin with a wide range of protection from UV radiation.
Applying Sunscreen Correctly
You need to apply your sunscreen liberally throughout the day. This is especially true when you're exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Many sunscreens are advertised as "all day" solutions, implying that they don't need to be reapplied. But, neglecting to do so is a mistake. First, your body requires up to 30 minutes to absorb a sunscreen. Second, sunscreens wear off quickly due to perspiration (despite being "water proof"). Ideally, you should apply it every 30 minutes to ensure your skin has uninterrupted protection from UV rays.
Skin Care And UV Protection
UV radiation can have a profound impact on your skin's appearance and overall health. The manner in which sunscreens are advertised exacerbates the problem. First, be aware of how UV rays can damage your skin. Second, understand the true meaning of SPF and what it implies. Use a sunscreen that offers broad level protection across a wide band of UV rays. Finally, apply and reapply the sunscreen generously and often.
Skin care begins with having adequate protection from the sun's damaging effects. Not only does a powerful sunscreen preserve your skin's health, but it helps ensure it will look young and vibrant. And that's a worthwhile investment.
Betta Tank Care Tips by James Jonas
Most freshwater fish need water that is well-oxygenated in order to survive. Because of their labyrinth, however, Betta fish are able to survive in low oxygen conditions and get the extra air they need by breathing it directly from the surface of the water.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of pet stores that have capitalized upon this low-oxygen requirement. You can find a lot of stores that will sell Betta fish in small vases, some even in plastic bags. For display purposes, a small vase may seem cute and perhaps a perfect gift for a co-worker to place on their desk. However, while the Betta will indeed survive in the vase for a while, its lifespan will be considerably shortened by such conditions.
Even the vases with plants growing in the middle of them can be a death sentence for you Betta. It is a common misconception that Betta fish can somehow feed from the roots of the plant. Not only is this false the roots can actually block the surface and kill the Betta. If Bettas do not have access to the surface of the water, they cannot breathe oxygen directly. Even if the water is somehow well-oxygenated, the Betta will still suffocate if they cannot periodically breathe air directly from the water surface.
The very smallest container that you want to buy for your Betta fish is a two-gallon aquarium or container. However, for best conditions and to give the Betta plenty of room to hide and swim, a 10-gallon container is optimal.
One of the reasons for larger tanks being better for Betta fish is because larger tanks are easier to maintain a steady temperature. Larger bodies of water take longer to heat up, but they also take longer to cool down. Unless you have a very hot space set aside in your room, you will want a container that you can use with a heater. Containers over 5 gallons will be sufficient for this purpose.
Tank temperature should be kept between 75-85 degrees. Because Bettas originate in small bodies of water in Asia where temperatures tend to be high, these fish thrive in warm water. Ideally, you want to keep the thermometer in between 80-82. When temperatures dip to 75 or below, the Betta will become very lethargic and begin hovering near the bottom of the container. With a larger container, you should be able to maintain a steady temperature and use a heater while giving the Betta more room and hiding places. This will keep stress levels lower and the Betta healthier.
In smaller containers, the toxicity of the water tends to be higher and cleaning is required more often. Feces and uneaten food will rot and increase bacteria levels. These elevated levels of bacteria will make the Betta more vulnerable to fin rot, dropsy, and a number of other health problems.
The pH in your container needs to be carefully maintained in between the range of 6.8-7.5. The water needs to be neutral to slightly acidic. Those levels will fluctuate more in smaller tanks so the overall health of your Betta will again be improved by a larger tank.
The bottom of the container should have a thin layer of gravel; a quarter-inch is fine. The gravel is necessary to allow nitrifying bacteria colonies to grow on this bottom layer. The gravel increases the surface area and allows more of these beneficial bacteria to grow. Nitrifying bacteria help reduce the toxicity of the tank and improve overall water quality. Power filters or even power heads are not recommended in tanks with Betta fish. Betta fish do not like swiftly moving water. It tends to stress the fish out making them more vulnerable to disease. Rapid moving surface water can also drown a Betta fish when it comes up to the surface for air.
Include hiding spots in your Betta fish tank. While plastic plants will provide adequate shelter, they also tend to have rough edges that can damage the delicate Betta fins. Natural aquatic plants are better choices as they provide great cover for the fish while also improving water quality.
Because Betta fish are so sensitive to pH levels and water quality, containers need to be cleaned often. In the tiny vases many Bettas are sold in, this means daily cleaning. For larger containers in the 5-10 gallon range, cleaning can be performed weekly.
Never completely cover the top opening of your Betta tank otherwise your Betta will suffocate. Breathing air from the water surface is vital to their survival.
Never leave the Betta tank in front of an open window or any place where drafts are common. While these cold blasts may not affect a heated tank, they can cause the Betta to develop pneumonia when coming up for air.
Follow these tips and you should have strong, healthy, gorgeous Betta fish for many years.

How Important are Healthy Ingredients in Skincare Products?
by Elizabeth Ruby
I have found the most effective skincare products are those that contain ingredients from nature. I steer clear of products made with chemicals. They are not healthy for my body, nor are they any better at taking care of my skin problems. Some of the chemicals in skincare products are proven to cause cancer, so why would I want to rub them on my skin where they will be absorbed into my blood stream, exposing me to cancer causing substances.
I have found a powerful antioxidant that comes from Japanese sea algae called Phytessence Wakame. This variety of kelp is eaten both fresh and dried in Japan for its health given properties. This product is fabulous for keeping the skin young looking. It is rich in important minerals like calcium (15 times more calcium than milk), potassium, iron and sodium. These minerals help keep the skin looking firm and healthy. They also are important in helping keep the skin̢۪s own moisture.
Wakame is also is an abundant source of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12, which helps sooth inflammation in the skin. I can feel the calming effect it has on my skin just writing about it. It just makes sense to me to apply skin care products to my skin that have ingredients that are healthy enough to eat.
Another great ingredient is Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) the great protector of skin. It is another antioxidant. Antioxidants are beneficial to our health, because they devour the free radicals that spread through our bodies trying to destroy our healthy cells by turning them into cancer cells. I don̢۪t know about you, but if my skincare products can also help protect me against cancer those are the ones I want to use.
In scientific studies Vitamin E has been proven to play a vital role in reducing the appearance of fine lines, and prevents the appearance of age spots. Vitamin E has also been shown to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Be sure to find a natural form of Vitamin E, because the synthetic forms are not nearly as effective.
Other great natural substances to look for in skin care products are avocado oil, olive oil, macadamia oil, active manuka honey, and grapeseed oil. All of these substances are found in nature, and can be very beneficial to the most effective skincare regimen.
Choose your skin care products carefully and remember what goes on your skin also goes into your bloodstream. So be diligent and know what the products contain. Look for companies that care about your health and well being along with caring about how young your skin looks. Having younger looking skin is great, but having younger looking healthy skin and a healthy vibrant body is even more important.

Attracting New Patients To Your Health Care Office Or Facility
by Robert E. Barber
New Patients Won't Just Meander Into Your Office.
The Health Care Industry today is just as competitive as any other business, and patients are becoming more cautious and involved with their health care and have started making decisions on their own. Obviously they aren't going to be too picky where they go if they are having a heart attack...they'll let the paramedics decide...but when it comes to everyday, routine procedures they may have the option to elect where they go. How will they decide if they are going to pick your office or your someone else's? No doubt they will pick someplace with which they are familiar. Here is where direct-mail and promotional products come into play.
Getting Their Attention.
It's human nature to select someone or something because you are comfortable with it, right? That trait begins when you are a baby. Babies don't like being held by strange people. Once that 'stranger' is around long enough and the baby sees him enough, he ceases being a stranger and the infant doesn't fuss when he picks him up. It works the same way with older folks. If someone is regularly being exposed to a company or business, whether they drive by it daily or see an advertisement or hear about it from an friend, they begin to feel familiar enough with it to patronize it. There have been many studies that confirm that phenomenon.
Here's How It Works.
A direct-mail campaign is a perfect way to make hundreds or thousands of people familiar with your office. An ideal product is a mailer with a promotional refrigerator type magnet glued to it. The most popular product is called
"magna-peel." Do a Google search for magna-peel and look for a business that provides health care promotional products to see some examples. The recipient peels off the refrigerator magnet from the mailer. The magnet has the company information as well as a calendar or other handy data. These don't get tossed in the trash like most conventional paper mailers. Instead they find their way to a popular spot in the kitchen or office, where it is viewed by everyone on a daily basis. The more people see it...the more comfortable they become with the business, remember?
Yes, They Do Work Well!
That's you want, too, right? When it comes time for the person to pick a dentist, doctor, chiropractor or other health care specialist, they're going to think of your office right off since it has been etched into their minds by all the times they have seen the product on their refrigerator.
How to Lose Weight Without Diets by Allen Brian

One way to lose a few pounds, or so a number of people think, is by not eating and although this is a way to lose a few unwanted pounds, it can have repercussions if carried out for extended periods and no doctor or dietician would ever recommend doing this. They insist that only healthy weight loss diets are recommended, given the fact that excesses tend to leave the body weaker and almost defenseless when facing illness.By healthy weight loss we understand the use of a diet that brings all the nutrients the body needs, with a minimum caloric intake. The correct diet is always supported by good sleeping habits and proper physical exercises that help you burn the extra fat deposits.Often it is the women's magazines which are too blame for promoting crazy diets based on little scientific fact expecting the overweight person to live on a specific type of food and then expect them to believe that this is a healthy weight loss plan. A particular 'restrictive' healthy diet that was favored for a while was the chicken, boiled vegetables, fruit and salad one that did not by any means supply all the daily nutrients our bodies need even though all of the foods were actually healthy.Of course if you were to follow such a diet for any length of time you would not want to eat chicken again as it becomes boring and then you will rebel against a healthy food. If you want to be on the right track for your healthy weight loss, all you need to remember is not to eat foods with a high calorific value, keep up the daily physical activities, even if it is walking for thirty minutes, and make sure you sleep well.Eating during the night when they should be asleep is actually quite common for overweight people and a doctor can tell a great deal about a person who does not sleep well. Many overweight people also suffer from stress which physical activity is known to eliminate and by eating healthily, calories will be lost but all this will go to waste if you are getting up in the night to eat.Following the healthy weight loss system will definitely improve your sleep patterns, energy level and overall health. You must also keep a positive attitude to what you are doing by not being to critical of your progress as this can have a damaging effect on your self confidence and weight loss. Often boredom creates problems when dieting especially when someone tries to push themselves too far because they want to lose weight and keep to the same routine. Going to the gym is a good idea and can provide incentive when others around you exercise but it is easy to try to hard so why not try some swimming first which will help your fitness levels before you start at the gym. We all get fit at different rates as we do with losing weight so do not try to adjust your natural rhythm.

Strip Unwanted Fat Before Wedding Day by Austin Odeon

It is a fact that many of us are regular customers to fast food restaurants that have littered our streets and corners all over the country, it never crosses our mind that some of these fast aka junk food can contribute to some of our problems, like adding unwanted fat to our body. As we go through our normal course of life you find that a wedding date is inevitable then suddenly you realized that part of the many things you have to do is to strip unwanted fat off you body before your wedding day as you are expected to not only look your best but healthy and elegant as well, it happens to many of us.Before you know it you find yourself thinking of which loss program to use in order to strip that unwanted fat before wedding day. It becomes especially difficult if your wedding day is in the near future and you don't have any prior experience how to lose weight, Sometimes desperation can set in as a result,and this can make you to begin to try any weight loss system or program you can lay hand on, whether good or bad. The truth is that many of the weight loss programs out there do not work, and unfortunately, many people end up wasting so much money and time on Programs that prescribe eating low carbohydrates and low fats diet which can do more harm than good to you because they have negative effect on your metabolism, besides, most of the time you only succeed is expelling water from your body instead of fat.You don?€?t have to look haggard and skinny just because you are losing weight, no! you should not only look healthy and sound but should feel so. It may sound crazy to you if I told you that you could actually lose weight and strip excess fat by eating the right metabolism burning foods. Yes! You can burn more calories with better metabolism by eating more. There is currently a revolutionary diet system and eating program Strip That Fat! that will make you strip unwanted fat before your wedding day, with this system you can lose up to 10lb of total weight within 2 weeks and still look healthy and elegant.No matter what arrangements you are having for your wedding, you cannot afford to ignore the many eyes that will be focused on you as you walk across that aisle that?€?s the more reason you have to choose the right weight loss program. "Strip That Fat" is a program that is guaranteed to make you strip that unwanted fat before your wedding day. For more on this program, go to ;Click Here! Please NOTE: This program is backed by a 60-day iron-clad money back.

International Nursing Career by anirban
For having a successful career, one need to find the right type of job that matches to his or her interest and utilizes the skills as well. Most people failed to identify the right career in their lives, hence, they failed to make a successful career. The same applies with nursing jobs as well. Nursing professionals who have done majors in nursing can get good offers in hospitals, private nursing homes and other such places. However, nurses with adequate qualifications can easily get jobs in other units like medical-surgical, maternity and pediatrics too. In fact, international
nursing job
are also available in abundance for nurses who love taking up challenging tasks.
By opting travel healthcare jobs in different locations, nurses can get good exposure in their concerned area of specialization. Especially in the US, nurses can find the most inviting job opportunities that will help them to reshape their careers. Travel nurses can find numerous satisfying opportunities and endless possibilities in the United States. So, if you are looking for attractive job options in nursing, the United States could be a preferable destination for you.
Once you have decided to work as a travel nurse, you need to choose good opportunities that can shape up your career. You can get relevant information through online travel nurse providers that can provide you the desired jobs. You can also find jobs as per the region, type and position. These online nursing job websites provide details of never-ending possibilities in nursing job for young nurses. Nurses can get good jobs with attractive remuneration by catering to their traveling habits. It can be the best job to see the world by serving needy people.
However, before accepting an opening, it is better to check the reliability of your online provider so that you can enjoy your job afterwards.
Skin Care Products Excellent Protection by Torrel Butler
Skin care products can provide excellent sun protection on a daily basis. For example, a facial moisturizer that contains sunscreen, such as microfine zinc oxide, can prevent aging (UVA radiation) and sunburn (UVB radiation) when applied consistently. Skin infections can be spread from one athlete to another. You can help protect athletes from becoming sick or losing playing time due to skin infections. Skin Biology is not a high end marketing company, instead it is a small research and development (R&D) company whose primary focus is the discovery and invention of products that achieve real results. The products result from scientific discovery, invention and testing and are offered without a lot of superficial 'gloss' to the us, the consumer (which is so completely refreshing for me after all those years of gritting my teeth).Skin is both tough and elastic. It is moist on the inside, relatively dry on the outside. Skin cancer that forms in neuroendocrine cells (cells that release hormones in response to signals from the nervous system) is called neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin. Most skin cancers form in older people on parts of the body exposed to the sun or in people who have weakened immune systems. Skin has pigmentation , or melanin , provided by melanocytes , which absorb some of the potentially dangerous ultraviolet radiation (UV) in sunlight . It also contains DNA repair enzymes which help to reverse UV damage, and people who lack the genes for these enzymes suffer high rates of skin cancer .
Skin vision is not uncommon in nature. Plants orient themselves to light, and some animals -- such as pit vipers, who use infrared vision, and reptiles, who possess skin sensors -- can "see" without the use of eyes. Skin resurfacing procedures cannot produce perfect skin; rather the goal is to improve the appearance of the skin as much as possible. Skin innervate both branches of cerebrospinal nerves, and nerves of vegetative system. To cerebrospinal nervous system the numerous sensitive nerves forming in a skin a large quantity of sensitive nervous plexuses belong.
SkinCrafter's ability to assist us in straying from the norm is well appreciated. Thank you so much; we recommend SkinCrafter highly. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. More than one million cases are diagnosed each year, and according to current estimates, 40% to 50% of Americans will have skin cancer at least once by the time they are age 65. Skin also becomes loose, wrinkled, and leathery much earlier with unprotected exposure to sunlight.
Skin RX Clinic is proud to offer amazing skincare and makeup products for all of your beauty and health needs. Focusing on skin conditions like acne, aging, rosacea, scarring, post-laser skin, fine lines and much more, Skin RX Clinic has a product that will help you restore a beautiful, youthful glow. Skin holds everything together. Skin keeps us hydrated, cools us with sweat, and forms a blockade against foreign bacteria. Without skin's protective covering, victims of severe burns suffer serious dehydration and are vulnerable to life-threatening bacterial infections.

Medicare For All by Kate Loving Shenk

As a result of my involvement with the passage of HB 1660 here in Pennsylvania, I have learned many things.The burden that the health insurance companies place on employers is one of them.
The fact that in five years, if Single Payer is not enacted, employees will have to foot the bill for their own health care coverage, is another.
At last weeks Single Payer, Guaranteed Health Care For All Forum, Alan Jacobs, President of Isaac's Deli, Inc here in the Lancaster, PA area, gave all of us an idea of what it is like for him and other business owners to insure their employees.
Here is the transcript of his talk:
I am Alan Jacobs, President of Isaac's Restaurant & Deli. We are a local employer with 20 restaurants and about about 650 employees. We have about 200 people on our health plan.
As a business person, I could talk about the economic advantages of a single payer system, but that's not my elevator speech about healthcare.
Here it is.
At Isaac's, we play the insurance game quite well. We offer health insurance for anyone working 25 hours a week, and that's helped us to retain a very loyal workforce.
So I'm an employer being successful in the current system, but I think the system stinks.
The way I see it, I am the ultimate health insurance consumer in our system. I buy insurance every year, and the insurance companies work hard to give me a product that I can afford and will buy. They try to keep my premiums low, which they do by trying to avoid paying medical bills. (It's like auto insurance: if you wreck your car, your rates go up).
So their job is to deny and delay paying medical bills as much as possible, which they think they are doing on my behalf, because they are keeping my rates low.
As a business, I buy several kinds of insurance - Medical, liability, workers comp, and auto. Each one of those insurances has a medical component, and each one wants to keep my cost low by not paying claims. Sometimes the companies fight with each other to get the other to take on the cost. They each think they are doing me a favor, but I foot the bill for their dispute, and in the meantime, my employee can't get claims paid.
From a health care perspective, it sure seems like the incentives are upside down. __
This is not a partisan issue, but when I heard John McCain say he doesn't want any bureaucrat making decisions about our health care, I'm afraid he's a little late to the game.
Your employer - me - is bureaucrat #1. Every year, I make decisions for my employees about how much their out of pocket expenses will be, and how much their deductible will be, and what we will or won't pay for.
Every couple of years when we change plans we give our employees a new lists of doctors that are on our plan. If they are lucky, their doctor is on our list.
If not, too bad.
We also review drug use, and each year we give our employees something called a formulary. That's a list of drugs that we will pay for. If their drug is on the list, they're lucky.
If not, too bad.
My insurance company is bureaucrat # 2. They delay payments, deny payments, and get my employees all tangled up in paperwork so they can avoid payments in a particular year. If my insurance company can find a loophole so they don't need to pay a claim, that's good for them, and they think that's good for me.
They are selling me a product, and they are trying to keep it affordable.
This might be all be well and good if the so called free market system was actually working to keep costs down. However, on a global scale, we as a country spend twice as much per person on healthcare, and our health outcomes are actually worse. If I had an employee who came to me with the results of his brilliant cost savings plan, and his conclusion was that it's costing twice what our competitors pay, and it's making it difficult for us to provide goods and services to our customers, but his conclusion is that we need to keep at it because it's the only plan that will work; I would tell him to hit the trail.
But I probably wouldn't fire him outright, maybe just demote him, because, he has a family, and he gets his health coverage from us.
Which brings me to my final point. When an employee gets sick and misses work, they go through the drawn out process of losing their job because they can't work because they are sick, and they eventually lose their eligibility and loose their coverage.
This is a horrible occurrence.
When a person needs insurance the most, they lose it. This is the final brutality caused by linking health care to employment.
So that's why I'm here tonight, lending my voice to this movement.
I presently am listening to the first debate between Barak Obama and John McCain.
Even as I ignore the smirk on McCain's face, I know that McCain's health care plan is: Just Don't Get Sick.
As the Reverend Sandra Straus emphasized in her talk last week, a true Christian would be taking care of everyone.
And people like John McCain and his running mate pose as Christians but the question is: Who are they, really?
Do they know who Jesus was/is? He was a real rebel, one of the first Community Organizers, a man whose ministry was one of love, compassion and non-violence.
A true Christian would never go to war and would love their enemies.
And would uphold the right of healthcare to all of her citizens. ____
Cessation of smoking with the help of diet pills by John Scott

If you are trying to
lose weight, but feel that it's pointless because you smoke, now's your chance to take advantage of the advances made in the medical field. Acomplia is a doctor prescribed medication that has made advances in the field of medication. Approved in the European Union in 2006, this drug is somewhat of a miracle drug for most people, although advertising it as such would be foolish. This is an anti-obesity drug which enables the users to fight their own issues with the ongoing battle of the bulge.
Acomplia blocks the CB1 receptors in the brain which make you crave food well after you've already been satisfied. It is important to remember that when you use Acomplia, it is most successful when you use it with a smart diet and exercise. This is the best way to get to your goal of fat loss. If you do smoke, it is good to know that Acomplia assists with smoking cessation, as well. When you give up smoking, exercising becomes easier.
Through the help of a proper weight loss coaching and your doctor's prescription to you for Acomplia, you can find that there is help with both of these issues. With this medication and the guidance from your chosen healthcare provider, you can be among the thousands of people who have changed their lives and health. Keep in mind that Acomplia has the ability to help in motivation for weight loss for those who suffer from diabetes. Please note that some of the side effects may include nausea and vomiting. You should also be aware that quitting smoking has been found to be a major drive for those who have already started to lose the weight.
If you are obese and are ready for a chance in your life, you should contact your healthcare provider now to see if you can begin taking Acomplia right away.
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